Surgery for the removal of my ovaries and womb led to my low sex drive

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Any long-term condition can cause low sexual drive in a woman at any particular moment. This may be the result of physical strain. I lived in Mombasa where I was in a relationship with Samuel but had not been officially married, even though we dated.

As time went by, I developed a condition that was to force surgery for the removal of my womb plus my ovaries. It was really a tricky situation since I knew I never become pregnant again. A deformity that had developed in my oviduct led to the removal since it would have led to so much harm, and damage to my entire reproductive system as the doctors said.

Due to this, I developed a low sex drive, and my lover Samuel felt low many times since I never offered him a chance to munch me. As time went by, I never wanted to meet him because I knew he wanted us to have sex, while really I did not have that urge to due to my condition. Time was running out so I had to look for a solution.

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Monica who was a long-time friend and whom we used to teach together with at a local school referred to me to Kiwanga doctors, herbalists who had helped her out after her friend once experienced a similar condition. She further gave me the herbalists website where I read a lot of testimonials of people with the same problem but finally were helped out.

Three weeks later, I traveled to their offices since I wanted to end the problem before things would turn out to be amiss in my sexual life. At their offices, I was subjected to some herbal medication and I had hope and a lot of faith that my normal sexual urge was to be back. Finally, I was attended to and allowed to leave. Three days after that visit, I went back home, and surprisingly my sexual urge back.

When we met with Samuel and enjoyed sex that night, something that was difficult before. For sure Kiwanga Doctors are experienced herbal doctors who truly care about the well-being of the people. Since that day my sex appetite has been on another level. I really thank Kiwanga doctors for their assistance.

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Sex drive is a problem many women encounter today and I advise those with a low sexual sex drive to visit Kiwanga Doctors since they are the real deal in solving such issues. They also solve large tummy issues, help in penis enlargement, plus provide guidance and counseling to married couples who may be having turmoil in their marriages.

For consultations call +254769404965 / E-mail [email protected] or visit the website

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