Stop Portraying Uhuru as a Failed Head of State, Oparanya to Ruto

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ODM Deputy Leader Wycliffe Oparanya is asking President Uhuru to stop the persistent attacks on his predecessor, Uhuru Kenyatta.

Speaking on Saturday in Kakamega, Oparanya noted the Presidency is supposed to be a symbol of national unity and not an office to divide Kenyans like it has been witnessed from the day the Kenya Kwanza administration took over.

The former Kakamega Governor also noted there has been an unhealthy reversal of key policies of Uhuru’s administration where the principle of collective responsibility would have thrived.

”I ask the president to allow his predecessor to enjoy his retirement in peace instead of directing his arsenal on him to portray him as failed Head of State yet they run the government and made policy decisions together as president and deputy,” Oparanya said.

The ODM leader notes attacks on President Uhuru are happening even in situations where one would expect the Head of State to elevate his patriotism and protect Mr. Kenyatta’s image, as his predecessor.

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