She caught him with her best friend but it was too late

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Joan Nekesa could not hold back her painful tears after she caught her husband in bed with her husband. They had been married for three years and lived happily.

Her best friend Cate got a job in the city and did not have a place to live so she wholeheartedly invited her to her home not knowing she was welcoming a snake to her own residence.

She noticed her husband was getting close to Cate after days of her staying around but could not suspect anything between the two. He would pick her up from work and take her out on weekends.

However, when her suspicions rose and Joan confronted her husband, he just said they were friends and there was nothing to worry about.

Then one day the unexpected happened. A friend told her she had seen her hubby leave a lodging together with Cate, her best friend. She could not believe it. She even tried tracking them for evidence but never succeeded. They were playing safe.

In one of her many conversations with a colleague, she found out about Kiwanga Doctors, a traditional herbalist who would help her catch them redhanded.

She consulted them and was given the time and location to find her cheating spouse. It was so accurate she bumped into them in the act, it had her shocked. It was a bitter lesson on betrayal. However this time she was aware of what was going on behind her back.

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