Senator Wamatangi Caught up in Baby Mama Drama Over School Fees

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Kimani Wamatangi
Kiambu Senator Kimani Wamatangi and baby mama Winfred Wambui (Courtesy)

Kiambu Senator Kimani Wamatangi is caught up in a drama with the mother of his child as he is accused of abandoning the daughter amid joining Form One.

Reports indicate that Wamatangi has been ignoring calls from Winfred Wangui with whom they have a daughter together. The two sired a child in the earlier years when Wangui served as Wamatangi’s domestic worker.

The daughter secured an admission to form one at Starehe Girls High School where she is required to pay Sh53,554 as school fees.

Wangui has been seeking financial help from well-wishers for the past week while calling out the legislator for abandoning his child.

This elicited mixed reactions from social media users with some calling him out and asking him to take responsibility for his actions.

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Furthe reports have now revealed that following public uproar regarding the same, Senator Wamatangi has resorted to using proxies to send money to Wangui. For instance, he reportedly sentSh7,000 this week as part of the school fees.

“He has been using other people to reach me but has not been receiving my calls. He sent ksh7,000 using a new phone number with another name but the sender told us it came from Wamatangi,” Wangui told K24.

The case dates back to years ago where Wamatangi allegedly assaulted his house help, Wangui, and the daughter was sired in 2007. Since then, the case has been ongoing in court with a ruling by Children’s Court in 2019 ordering the legislator to pay for the child’s full education and medical expenses.

“School fees are paid termly and therefore it is not monthly maintenance. The defendant ( Wamatangi) shall pay school fees as per the school fees structure. He shall also pay school fees related expenses,” Hon M. Murage ruled.

The Senator joins a list of many other MPs who have sired children out of wedlock and neglected their responsibilities. It is however hard to understand how a father can abandon a child they knowingly sired and are aware of their existence and have to be forced through courts to take charge and act right.

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