President Uhuru’s 58-minute speech in Sagana shakes Mt Kenya

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President Uhuru Kenyatta in Sagana on January 30th./ COURTESY

President Uhuru Kenyatta has told his Deputy, William Ruto to stop bragging about the achievements of Jubilee government when his camp, Tanga Tanga has been castigating the Head of State as having failed.

 Speaking when he met a 7000 man delegation of elected leaders and opinion shapers around Mt Kenya, the Head of State held no punches and swung on his Jubilee party partner over his divisive Hustler politics.

The president took the time to explain the BBI and gave a blow to blow account of why he went into the handshake with ODM leader Raila Odinga.

”It is important to remind you of where we have come from, since 2007, you all know what happened, I don’t want to repeat that story. I remember how some of you seated here were so against our decisions to look for unity in 2007.

” You all remember how things were in 2017 and the repeat election. I feel so sad when I see people speak the way they speak today. There are some people here, who I can tell you what they went through in 2017 and I had to convince them, appeal to them not to revenge,” the Head of State recalled.

Uhuru, who had told a similiar meeting with MCAs on Friday he was to open his heart today, also said nobody picks where they are born and that Ruto allies should stop insulting him.

”Then you hear them call me dynasty just because I was born by Kenyatta. Who chooses where he wants to be born? Tell them to stop insulting me, they will know where votes come from next year.”

On Jubilee’s track record, Uhuru Kenyatta wondered why the DP and his men are condemning his regime, saying he has failed, yet at the same time taking credit for all its achievement.

”You hear them from top of the vehicles brag about what has been done: roads, water, education as if such work is done from those rallies. That work is done from state house, where you sent me. Tell them to stop milking with my ‘nappier grass,” Uhuru warned, also, revealing for the first time, the millions of money Ruto has been dishing in the region are proceeds of crime.

”You see them here come to tell you, ooh you have been neglected and throwing some few coins your way to hoodwink you yet it’s the same money they have looted, your resources. Take that money when it comes, but don’t be blinded or misled,” he added.

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