President Ruto’s KBC directive Flops on Inauguration Day

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President William Ruto’s weekend directive aimed at giving KBC a huge viewership by handing it exclusive rights to air the Presidential inauguration yesterday flopped, and failed to achieve its intended purpose.

Despite the move by the new government to have private media houses purchase the Kasarani oath-taking event coverage from the national broadcaster, its viewership would still not match those of Royal Media Services and Nation Media outlets.  

Media Council of Kenya (MCK) data released on Wednesday, September 14, showed Citizen TV – a Royal Media Services (RMS) owned station drew an average of 232,387 viewers followed by NTV which had 67,908. KBC came a distant fourth with 18,368.

Here is the full list of average viewers on YouTube per media house during the presidential inauguration:

  1. Citizen TV – An average of 232,387 followed the event. 
  2. NTV Kenya – An average of 67,908 followed the event. 
  3. Nation – An average of 24,596 followed the event.
  4. KBC Channel 1 – An average of 18,368 followed the event.  
  5. KTN News – An average of 17,784 followed the event.
  6. K24 TV– An average of 4,540 followed the event.
  7. KTN Home–  An average of 4,410 followed the event.
  8. African Uncensored– An average of 2,636 followed the event.
  9. Inooro TV– An average of 1,521 followed the event.
  10. Kameme TV– An average of 1,074 followed the event.
  11. TV47– An average of 811 followed the event.
  12.– An average of 324 followed the event.
  13. Switch Media (formerly Switch TV)- An average of 123 followed the event.

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