Police banned from marrying fellow officers

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Interior CS Fred Matiangi has announced officers service in National Police will not be allowed to intermarry. Speaking on April 30th at the Kenya Police Training College in Kiganjo, Dr. Matiangi says this latest move borrows a leaf from the KDF and is meant to prevent cases of homicide and marital murders.

‘We will adopt a system similar to that of the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) which bars the soldiers from getting into intimate relationships with their colleagues. Moving forward, it will be illegal for a police officer to date or get married to a fellow law enforcement officer. If it happens that two police officers fall in love, then one has to leave the Service,” CS Matiangi said.

The force will also set up an office to specifically handle cases of gender-based violence as well as sexual harassment of female officers.

”We have to adopt a new way [of doing things]. We will create a new gender relations office that will be under the supervision of the Inspector General of Police. Some of the female police officers have filed sexual harassment complaints. I want to assure you that it won’t happen in the future,”  Dr. Matiangi added.

High-ranking police officers have been given a stern warning against sexually harassing their juniors, and that if caught, the senior cops will be stripped of titles and kicked out from the service.

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