Our uncles poisoned my gradma’s mind over land

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Hi, am Jameson from Embu. Currently, I live and work in Mombasa. About 10years ago, when I was only 14 and my sister, Jane was 12 years old, our parents died in a car accident. This was a big hit to us as they were our hope.

Our grandmother then took us and promised to take care of us from then on.

Little did we know that this was the beginning of our dark times. Grandma was corrupted by some of our uncles who decided to snatch our parents’ land 12 acres piece of land.

We were thrown out helplessly. We reported to the local authorities which didn’t help us much more than taking us to a nearby children’s home. We are forever thankful to them.

My sister and I grew up with bitterness and we held the grudge, me especially as I could not bear to see all our land snatched. I could not forgive my uncles.

After finishing my education years later, I got a job in Mombasa and my sister got married to a Canadian man.

While at Mombasa, I shared my childhood story with a friend I got there called Hamisi. He told me of a doctor named Kiwanga who is a traditional healer known to have helped many internationally solve such and more problems.

With the urge to win back our land in Embu, I contacted Dr. Kiwanga and within a short time, he helped. I got a court order to claim our parents’ land, 10 years later. Thanks to Dr. Kiwanga, am forever grateful.

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