No Monotony, Only Classics – Octopizzo on new video and upcoming album

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Octopizzo articulates himself rather ferociously in this latest ”Warrior” video, where the rap veteran validates how effective his pen is, the high-level awakening and faith, plus the blessing of a solid presence within Kenya’s contemporary Hip Hop landscape.

The 4 minute- 02 seconds video featuring Shamir (also from Kibera) is a bold display of growth in the game and one that, if anything, proves just how versatile Octo’s delivery and production choices can get, even when the rapper is just going back to basics – real Hip Hop, straight from streets and trenches.

Giving a hint of what to expect in his upcoming album It’s Just Different dropping this October, the Namba Nane rap royalty who has never been desperate to be included in the pantheon of Africa’s greats says this year he was on some real Hip Hop only mode. Delivering only classics.

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