My wife never got along with my mother and it bothered me

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Hello world, my name is Mark Lemosian from Samburu County. I am a husband to four wives, one of whom I married recently, about a year ago. She has borne me a wonderful son.

However, some months ago my wife and my mother were not on good terms. This is because my mother did not like my wife as she was from another tribe which she said was a rival tribe to mine.

I always tried to convince her that love knows no boundaries but she took no heed of my words.

I was worried about what to do. I loved this woman so much.

Unable to find a solution to this big problem, I consulted friends most of whom told me to be sure to respect my mom and part ways with my wife. I did not like their proposals.

It was then that I consulted a close friend who told me of Dr. Kiwanga, a traditional healer and medicine man who is known to have helped many solve such and many other problems.

I gave him a call and within a day, my mother started appreciating my new wife and they even became friends since. Soon we will get married. Thanks to Kiwanga Doctors.

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