My wife left me for my best friend but I got her back two days later

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Hey, am Johnson Korir from Eldoret. I am married to Mary Anne Nyongesa for two years now and we have one beautiful daughter.

About a year ago, I suspected that my friend, Mike had an affair with my wife. My instincts have never cheated me. I pretended I had gone to work but later came back at midday only to find Mike in my house in a vest and my wife frying eggs for him.

The scenario almost turned into a third world war, only that I had self-control. I asked my wife what was going on but she just told me a lot of sweet nothings.

The same evening, I was scrolling through social media when I came across a blog post about Dr. Kiwanga, a traditional healer and medicine man known to solve such family and other problems.

I contacted him and he revealed to me that my wife had been enchanted by my friend Mike to have a lust for him, only two days ago. He broke the spell and my wife came back to her senses, apologized and now we are good.

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