My uncles threw us out three days after my father’s burial

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My name is Charles from Kenol in Muranga County. I lived with my parents on a plot of land that my dad had bought.

My dad passed on and we never knew it was the beginning of our suffering. Immediately after his burial my uncles came and threw us out of our house.

They listed the plot for sale so that they could greedily share the money. We had to go back to renting a house with my mom after seeking justice and we never got it, they had bribed all the authorities.

A friend told me about Kiwanga Doctors he assured me they would use their powers to ensure I was served with justice.

True to his words one day after consulting him the area chief called my uncles and ordered them to keep off our house or else they would face the wrath of the law. We were requested to go back to our home thanks to Kiwanga Doctors.

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