My sugar daddy bought me a Toyota Fielder two weeks after we started dating

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Hello, my name is Anne. I am a student at the University of Nairobi pursuing a degree course in computer science.

I am single but then I have a sugar daddy who takes care of some of my financial needs. I actually don’t love him at all considering he has a family. I am also quite young and look like a daughter to him, but then am stuck on him because he’s quite rich and has money.

We started “dating” about two months ago. He told me to ask for anything I needed, and mostly I only needed cash for nails and salon and rent sometimes. That was all.

About two days after we started dating, a third-year friend of mine called Esther told me that I could take that advantage to ask for bigger things and even get a car. I thought it was hard to request that from a person I hardly knew.

At our next meeting, I had to make a move. It failed. I tried again a second time but my sugar daddy just ignored and told me that we could as well be using his car. I was disappointed.

I asked Esther what I could do. That is when she told me about Dr. Kiwanga and that he could help me out. I contacted the herbalist doctor and told him what I needed. He taught me to now make a request after 24hrs.

I did as he said and surprisingly,my sugar daddy agreed and in two weeks of dating, he bought me a new Toyota Fielder car. Thanks to Kiwanga Doctors.

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