My inlaws took away all my property including cash 100 million

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As always, a widow expects protection from her in-laws just after the husband is dead. Our life with my little two young kids was such a despairing one. My husband passed away in a fatal road accident that claimed a lot of lives. It was one of the saddest moments in my life, together with my two little kids. Even though we had all the money, I lacked the companion nature of my husband who was so devoted to his family.

He had invested in real estate, bought some vehicles, and owned various businesses in town. Soon as he died, my in-laws started developing a lot of interest in my gone husband’s properties. As time went by, they frequently came to my house where his elder brother would say there were a lot of things that needed to be sold in the compound for they belonged to their brother.

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I sometimes thought it was a joke as he did not speak with that much emphasis. I knew well what they were up to since they were not that richer as my husband was. When things seemed to have started going amiss, I informed relevant authorities who were my only source of hope at that particular time. We had a joint account with my husband and at the time he was dead we had saved up to 100 million shillings at that particular time. After a while threats were becoming too much where they even went to a point of splitting my land among themselves. I informed the land surveyors but all was in vain for he took no action.

This made me think they had the same motive of harassing me since they knew if my husband was alive things would have gone amiss on their side. No one was really coming to my side for I was really in despair and confused about what to do next. After a while, they threatened me and even at some point hired goons who came to my place in the night, asking me to disclose my bank account pin or else I would be ashes. I adhered. I knew I had small kids to raise since their dad was gone.

I tried to seek help from my parents but the only advice they gave was to move out of my husband’s premises, something I vowed not to do because I was ready for any battle. As time went by, they had taken all my vehicles, 100 million from our bank account, subdivided our land and now they wanted to acquire my house. I happened to meet Eunice, my long-time friend who was earlier divorced but had been reunited by her husband. I shared my story with her and she said Kiwanga Doctors had once solved her problems just within three days and so mine was just but a shadow ton them.

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The next day I was at Kiwanga Doctors’ offices. I was attended to and promised everything was just going to be in order. I was attended to and later went back home. Three days after I came from Kiwanga Doctors, things started changing as they even started returning the three vehicles they had taken. The land they had subdivided they returned it back. The elder brother in law who had confiscated the 100 million apologized and our money was back. They all came together to seek a dialogue with me.

They apologized and I heard their decry. Since that day none of them has even trespassed in my compound and no one has really again tried to take my husband’s property at any given time. Kiwanga Doctors were really the lasting solution in curbing this.

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