My hubby left me because I was fat and now he wants me back

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My name is Danielle Wambui. Since childhood, I have always fought weight problems being obese. I tried all types of exercises and dieting but I never lost weight.

After I got married and had my first baby my weight increased and I now weighed almost 200kg.I could not even walk for a few meters.

My husband who was my biggest consoler turned against me and would openly body shame me, even in public. He could compare me with other girls and call me a fat pig. I used to cry so much and this even lowered my esteem.

One day he left with his belongings and I later learned he had married a certain lady and moved in with her. After confronting him he sent me a photo of her and he said that was how curvy a woman should look. That he was tired of living with a pig. This pierced my heart with pain.

I am a fighter and I could not allow this to pull me down. I had to do something. I had heard about a traditional herbalist who had slimming pills, Kiwanga doctors.

I consulted them and three weeks after I could feel changes in my body. After weighing I had lost 30kgs. I religiously continued with the pills and 4 months later I was weighing 70 kgs. I had that body any lady would wish for with a flat tummy.

My ex-husband called 100 times after I posted my photos on social media but I had moved on I deserved someone better.

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