My battle with a notorious skin infection just a month after delivery

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My ordeal began three years ago, after giving birth to my son in a fancy Kisumu city hospital in
Western Kenya. I had heard stories about being sent home with designer gift bags. Well, I didn’t get a bag. Instead, I left with a bug: a skin infection to be exact. An acronym for methicillin-resistant staphylococcus auras, this type of traph is bacteria we all have on our skin that has learned to outsmart standard antibiotics and sometimes fatal infections.

While it is common in hospitals, it also lurks in gyms, schools, and other public areas. Of course, I didn’t realize I had the superbug until nearly a month later when I was suffering through my third bout of mastitis-a breast infection that women at times get while nursing. When I called my obstetrician, rather than prescribe an antibiotic, she told me to get to the hospital.

Apparently, there had been an outbreak of skin infection in the nursery when I delivered. I needed to have a culture taken, and so did my son. When the tests came back positive, I was worried for our health, but also outraged. As a chronic Leukemia patient, I had to stop taking the medication that keeps me in remission, when I became pregnant.

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Because of that, I took extra precautions-seeing a high-risk obstetrician, having my cancer levels checked monthly, and even springing for a private hospital room. After risking my life to ensure a healthy pregnancy, I was then invaded by the germiest germ of all. I learned of the infection a few months ago when I heard some community health workers
volunteers talk about its outbreak in our locality Milimani in the outskirts of Kisumu city.

The most common and most dangerous skin infection does occur in hospitals, where bacteria prey on the compromised immune system and open wounds. And also it does spread when you come in contact with an affected person. The infection takes hold when they get into the body through cuts, Scrapes, and other areas of damaged skin. In my case, my son was colonized that’s superbug-speak for carrying bacteria on the skin, in the hospital, and he passed it to me through cracked skin during breastfeeding.

My newborn child started erupting with boils. I was racking up co-pays by hundreds. But little did I know. The pain and frustrations were only just beginning. It became tougher and tougher, I had boils everywhere on the body, associated with itching skin that was full of rashes all over, the painful thing is that my newborn child exhibited the same
symptoms I had, and it was in pain too that kept it crying day and night. I decided to go to the hospital for treatment and after my own diagnosis, the doctor prescribed a useless antibiotic that brought no change in my body.

I felt shame when I looked myself the mirror, I hated myself because I had boils all over, I could not walk around during the day nor go to work because I felt embarrassed with the kind of boils I had on my face and all over my skin.

“One thing that makes various skin infections so relentless is that, unless you know what you are dealing with, it’s hard to treat,” the doctor said as he continued to say that most doctors often don’t diagnose it properly. He added that the doctors prescribe the wrong drug. The annoying thing is that he too never healed me from the infection. After months of suffering, a longtime colleague visited to check on me. She had noticed I did not resume work after Maternity leave.

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When she saw my condition and she was really sorry. I explained to her how I had visited very many hospitals with
no cure. That’s when she told me about Kiwanga herbal Doctors who treat a wide range of diseases, skin infections being one of them. We visited their website and saw very many people have admitted to having been treated for various skin infections.

That alone gave me the morale. I booked an appointment with the doctor and met him the same day at 4 pm. I was diagnosed and prescribed herbal medication and allowed to go home. Three days thereafter, I was feeling well, boils had gone off from my skin, my son too had been cured. Credit to Kiwanga Doctors. I advise anyone with skin-related infections to visit them for treatment. They are fast and effective. They also treat illnesses like lung infections, meningitis, snake bites among others.

For consultations call +254769404965 / E-mail [email protected] or visit the website

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