Mudavadi: I have no problem with Raila succeeding Uhuru as President

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Amani National Congress leader Musalia Mudavadi now says he does mind if Kenyans elect Raila Odinga as their president this August, saying the Azimio Coalition leader was able to lead.

Speaking on Tuesday, the Kenya Kwanza principal said Kenya is a democracy where everyone had the democratic right to choose a leader they feel is capable to lead.

However, Mudavadi detailed his fall-out with Raila Odinga saying the ODM boss is not the one he knew during their time in NASA, something that led to mistrust.

”The Raila we see now is not the person I knew before. I didn’t need anyone to convince me about him then but now things are different,” he said.

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The former vice president also waded into the ongoing fuel crisis debate, wondering how the commodity was cheaper in neighboring Uganda and they have fuel yet it was very expensive in Kenya.

“We are seeing people lining up to get fuel in petrol stations. When was the last time you saw that? It last happened in the 1990s when we had price control. Our neighbouring country Uganda has fuel all through yet their fuel passes through pipelines in Kenya. Then the government says we have a shortage of petrol. What is that?” Mr Mudavadi wondered.

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