Meru MCAs Plotting a Second Impeachment of Governor Kawira Mwangaza

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A section of MCAs in the Meru County Assembly is plotting a second attempt to remove Governor Kawira Mwangaza from office two days after the Senate saved the embattled county boss by throwing out her impeachment.

A source from the county assembly says the relationship between the MCAs and Governor Mwangaza is irreparable, with some accusing her of being unapologetic and unwilling to change. Also, a majority of MCAs are dissatisfied with the senate’s decision to save the governor and have vowed to ensure she is out of office.

Speaking on Friday after the 11-member Special Committee tabled its report on the Meru Governor’s impeachment, Senate Speaker Amason Kingi pointed out that there was a need to adhere to Section 33(6)(a) of the County Government’s Act and Standing Order 84(a).

It states that, “If the Special Committee reports that the particulars of any allegations against the Governor have not been substantiated, further proceedings shall not be taken under this section irrespective of that allegation.”

Kawira was on December 14 impeached by 67 of the 69 MCAs that were present in the Meru County Assembly.

The ward reps accused the governor of gross misconduct and abuse of office, all broken down to five charges.

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