Let corruption thrive. UDA government orders the DCI

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At the rate things are going a few days after Ruto was sworn in as Kenya’s president, the only question left is when will the Ruto government abolish the DCI altogether, close the EACC and let Kenyans know that stealing from the government and the people of Kenya is a gift their god has given some people and they have to be left alone?

Today Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua warned DCI officers to keep off government offices while pursuing crime suspects.

Addressing a governor’s induction in Mombasa, Gachagua asked DCI officers to wait for crimes to be reported at the Directorate Headquarters along Kiambu road instead of pursuing suspects at state offices.

Gachagua said having detectives in national and county offices is a “poison” to the officers’ working atmosphere.

“They have no business in government offices, hovering all over has created a toxic environment for service delivery,” he said.

The DP further said the government was going to issue an order barring junior officers from interrogating elected officers.

“If there is an issue that needs to be addressed, as it should be, we’re not saying we don’t fight graft, let us have respect for elected leaders,” he said.

“Let the head of that particular organisation write a letter to the governor himself and not delegate to some junior officers to address a sitting governor. That is not right.”

He said this is in a bid to restore the dignity of elected, nominated and appointed leaders.

He added that restoring their dignity will enable them to deliver their Constitutional mandate to the letter.

“…when you embarrass an elected leader in front of his juniors, and you go away, how do you expect him to perform the following day?” he asked.

He said during his time as a civil servant, when the enforcement agencies were “working properly”, only gazetted law enforcement officers could interrogate sitting leaders.

In summary what Gachagua is saying is that unless the thieves in state offices decide to confess their theft and call the DCI and other investigative bodies to come to investigate and arrest them, UDA is issuing an order barring any investigations on the theft of public resources and money. How wonderful for the thieves.

Many of us argued for months that a UDA regime will be a government of thieves, by thieves and for thieves but honestly, none of us thought they would be so brazen and callous right from the bat to legalize the theft of public resources within days in office.

And one has to love Gachagua for being so plain and clear that theft of public resources is the number one job of those working in state offices for the UDA regime.

UDA’s new governance plan to let state thieves do their business uninterrupted is going to be fully implemented once Ruto appoints the new DCI Chief and gives them the instructions never to interfere with theft of public resources because that is part of the bottoms-up development plan.

The biggest order to Ruto’s DCI will be to withdraw all cases against William Ruto himself including the one on Weston Hotel CAA property as well as those cases against Gachagua now in the Court of Appeal. Then do the same for all his allies and friends.

How the heck are we going to develop? Unless governors and state officials can load public money in their pockets so they can buy stuff from mama mbogas and take rides in boda bodas.

We knew this was coming with a Ruto government and we are going to be ready to fight it by any means necessary.

Our civil society groups have a whole new ball game in front of them and they will rise to the occasion like they always do even in the midst of terrible odds. Some of my civil society friends were rooting for Ruto and now they have eggs all over their faces. It is just the beginning.

The UDA regime is going to be a monster promoting theft of public resources and they are going to kick human rights fellas like my friend Miguna Miguna who blindly supported them right in the teeth. UDA has no need for such people. They were useful when they were attacking Raila for Ruto but now their value has been devalued to minus zero. That is life.

These guys don’t care about you, my friends. They are going to get the war they are asking for from others who value human rights in Kenya above anything else.

A government whose primary objective is to rob Kenyans will not stand the pressure coming to them. Kenyans cannot put up with that ugly animal again. They have had that before and they know exactly what it looks like. They are seeing that right now.

Adongo Ogony is a Human Rights Activist and a Writer who lives in Toronto, Canada

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