Kimani Ichungwa: Uhuru Kenyatta Financing Monday Demos

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Majority Leader in the National Assembly Kimani Ichungwa says former President Uhuru Kenyatta is undermining William Ruto’s government by financing the Monday demonstrations in Nairobi.

The Kikuyu MP speaking in Kianyaga, Kirinyaga county said the former president is intentionally sabotaging the Kenya Kwanza administration and has refused to recognize William Ruto as the president.

”Kwa heshima, rais aliye staafu, staafu kwa ungwana kama wale waliokua mbele yako…Mwai Kibaki retired and not in one occasion did he try to undermine you as the president,” the Majority Leader said.

”We ask you to give the same honor and respect not to William Ruto, not to Rigathi Gachagua whom you still think is still your PA but to the constitution of the republic of Kenya,” the MP added.

On Friday night, Azimio leader Raila Odinga reiterated that the Monday protests are on after he gave William Ruto 100 days to address the current high cost of living and had tried to engage the president but was unsuccessful.

“He chose to be proud and looked down upon us and now the time to talk has lapsed. We do not like demonstrations but we are forced to,” Mr. Odinga told VOA.

Raila insisted that he will continue to advocate for peace and even informed the police, in writing, of his demonstration plans, as directed by the President. 

He has invited Kenyans to turn up in large numbers on Monday in Nairobi.

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