I went through horror for not bearing him a son

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My husband mistreated me for not bearing him a son. This is what I did to save our marriage.

My name is Hamisa from Mombasa, Mtwapa area . I am the wife of Jimal and we have four children together.

After having two daughters my husband started pressuring me to bear him a son. He told me he never felt a man enough without a son. After having the third child I hoped it was a boy but it shocked me after I found it was a not boy.

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My husband got crazy and started mistreating me. He started saying I was an embarrassment and was bringing him so much shame among his friends for not giving him a son.

I felt bad since I had nothing to do with birthing girls only. One day he came with a woman and told me he would marry her since I was not bearing him sons. This broke my heart into pieces. I could not imagine losing my family for reasons I had no control over

Then one day while browsing online, I came across a post about Kiwanga Doctors who were traditional herbalists. I contacted him and he gave me the medicine to take before making love with my husband. I did as he said.

I could not wait for nine months to find the results and after I went for a scan I could not hide my joy when the sonographer told me it was a baby boy.

I will always be grateful to Kiwanga Doctors for saving my marriage.

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