I was dumped, just an hour before my wedding day

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On the afternoon I was due to be married, my sister was helping me get dressed when she asked me, “Are
you nervous?” I can honestly say I was not. I was an hour away from the wedding I’d always dreamed of on a beach in Mombasa with a man who was my best friend. I shook my head, and I remember her exact reply:

“Well, why would you be? He is such a great guy.” I’ve often thought about that since. Once, it made me cry. Now I found it almost funny. I’d met my fiancé two years earlier at a baseball game. He was tall and cute. I lived in Kisumu and it was two hours away in Eldoret but we started dating. I’d drive up to see him every weekend. We were
besotted. He proposed six months later on a beach watching the sunrise it didn’t feel rushed. I was 23 and it felt life was coming together. People would say how good we were as a match.

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We were both active and ambitious, and he got well with my family. As we planned the wedding, we bought a house together. Sure, we had the odd argument, but what couple doesn’t. We decided we would marry in Mombasa. He was very much involved in organizing things.

On the day itself, I was so excited. I went for a run that morning and I remember telling myself to savor everything.
We were staying at a hotel overlooking the beach where the ceremony would take place and, from our
window, I watched preparations. Maybe that’s why I wasn’t nervous as I started getting dressed. Maybe
that’s why I was so blindsided by what happened next.

He came into the room and said we needed to talk alone. He was crying. I assumed he was letting the
emotion of the day get to him. Then he said it. “I don’t think I can do this.” I could not understand. I
asked: “Are you joking?” He shook his head. I stood there with the veil already in my hair. This man who
was supposed to be the love of my life was telling me he was calling off the wedding less than an hour
before we were due on the beach. I didn’t even ask why. I told him to leave. That hotel room suddenly so
felt so small.
My sister and my bride’s maid went after him, but he ran away from them. He didn’t even tell the
organizers. I had to watch from the window as my sister went to the beach and let everyone know. If there
had been any question that it was just last-minute jitters, opening the wardrobe proved otherwise. I was
really heartbroken, humiliated, and devastated. I needed to escape. I went to a walk along the beach. Then,
after half an hour, I called him. He’d gone with his gut.

That’s all I don’t know how I got through that night. It was a daze. I went to dinner but could not eat. My sister gave me sleeping pills but I woke up at 4 am. Remembering it all anew was of the hardest things.
What made it worse was that he stayed on the island for the rest of the week. We were in the same resort.
I saw him in the car park two days later and called him a coward. Already my devastation was turning to

I packed the rest of the holiday with activities to take my mind off what was happening. My aim
was to be shattered every night that I had to fall asleep without thinking. But back in Kisumu, reality came
around. I moved back in with my parents where they told me of some medication from Kiwanga doctors
which were good for my love spell.

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I had been compulsively heartbroken. I had no option than to follow my parent’s directives. I made an appointment at the Kiwanga Doctors place of operation about 300km from my town area. I was counseled since I looked so much stressed putting in mind I had been heartbroken especially on the due
wedding day. One month after visiting the Kiwanga Doctors I met Jack a lecturer at Dar es Salam
University who lived in Kisumu.

We tied knots in a colorful wedding held at the same place we had arranged with my first lover. It was really packed to the brim. Two years later we were blessed with a bouncing baby boy Ryan. Thanks to Kiwanga Doctors. Many other people have been assisted with Kiwanga Doctors and have confessed to have received powerful healing, treatment and assistance in various life challenges like diseases using traditional herbs in the world including Epilepsy, Broken bones, Lost memory,

High blood pressure, strong cough, Meningitis among other diseases, Doctor Kiwanga is also gifted in to cast
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