I spent three years in jail for a crime I never committed

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My name is Elvis Njagi from Nakuru County. After completing high school, a cousin introduced me to the transport industry where he worked.

We would transport charcoal from the Kenya-Uganda Border to different parts of the country.

One day when I was transporting my truck to Nakuru we found a police crackdown at Njoro town. There were around twenty officers who flagged down our car.

I was not worried since I knew we had the right papers to transport charcoal, considering everyone in the business needed a government permit. I just relaxed as I watched them do the search.

Everything was ok until one of the officers came holding a bag full of bhang. I could not believe it.

In a few minutes, the media was there and I knew it was all planted on me. I was arrested and sentenced to jail.

In my third year behind bars, one of the officers whom we got along well with told me about Kiwanga Doctors and they had powers to make one win a court case.

He helped me and he contacted him then days later, the person who was behind my jailing confessed to doing it. I was set free and highly compensated thanks to Kiwanga Doctors.

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