I sold my wife and all my credentials before I came fortunate

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I was married and we lived together with Ruth for 12 years in Namanga, Kajiado County. We have been blessed with three children two boys and a lady. We were not that rich as I thought we were just middle-class people. I did work at a restaurant in Namanga and earned me little. My wife was a security guard at a flower-growing farm in the same town too.

Life was really hard as putting in mind our children had to go to school plus they had to feed at any particular time. As the head of the family, it was my responsibility to provide for my little angels despite a small amount of salary. I had never gambled before till I was introduced to it by Chege a workmate at the restaurant. Since my salary was little, I saw betting would make me more fortunate as my life would change quickly with no doubt. Chege really analyzed matches and he would share for staking.

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He was a real and ideal gambler. His life seemed to be much better than mine putting in mind he had a vehicle; he lived in his own home not like me who I was still renting. He also had other side hustles like beauty pallor so despite the little salary from the restaurant Chege was miles away with poverty lines. One day Chege came to work a bit early as usual. I predicted maybe he had won a bet on that night. I was correct when he showed me a congratulatory message that he had won 100 thousand Kenyan shillings courtesy of Sportpesa.

I became more curious to know what really or how he came to wining such a huge amount. He said he had just staked 1000 Kenyan shilling and predicted 10 matches correctly. The next weekend I too analyzed and I stalked 500 shillings only to win 2000 shillings. For a starter it was a good move. I showed Chege and he really congratulated me. Slowly by slowly I started becoming an addict.

At times I would even hide inside the restaurant toilet to just place a bet. I missed many of them. I a week I would win one or none but little amount, maybe 1000 from a small stake of 200. In a month at times I would win nothing at all. Chege was consistence in his winnings at least him in a week he won at least 10000 Kenyan shillings. Those winnings plus his salary at the restaurant were enough to sustain him also putting in mind he had side businesses.

I started falling to depression since it was now officially I could not live without gambling. At times I would stake even half my salary. I could not by my children new cloths fashion only for gambling which did not pay me as
expected. My wife realized and cautioned me of my habit but that fell on a deaf ear. One weekend a UEFA
champion’s league was being played between real Madrid and Juventus.

I so it was really an ample time to stake everything since it was on end month. I took all my 30,000 shillings and staked Juventus to win. I did not even go to the usual pub to watch the game because I knew money was on the way. According to that stake I was winning 230,000. I started planning what to do with the cash. I had always had an idea of opening a fruit vending shop at the town since there were no hence it was a good business idea.

The next morning I woke up in shock. No congratulatory message appeared in my phone. I said to myself maybe
there was problem with the network which had delayed sending me a winning notification. But that was not the case because I had lost the bet. All my salary had gone. I had done no shopping at all. I almost threw my self by the road to be run over by oncoming vehicles. I made my mind I must return my money. I started selling my households like TV sets and other credentials.

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When my wife asked me I would say I had no money and the restaurant had delayed our salary for the month. Despite doing this, I was still losing my bets. I did not hit the target at any time. It reached a point where I had nothing to sell for gambling money. My wife was the remaining asset. There was a tycoon who lived by the neighborhood and rumors said he needed more wives as he had lots of money to spend. We met with him and I told him of the beautiful lady I had.

I told him he was my sister but she had three kids. He agreed and gave me 12000. So that evening a vehicle came at where we were living ready for business. My wife appeared to reject a move to the vehicle but I told her that our life was in danger and we had to leave. She accepted to board but I told her I was to remain back to pack our remaining items.

A deal was sealed now that I got gambling money. I staked all the cash and as usual, they all went. I took a rope ready to hang myself keeping in mind I had sold my wife who I loved for money which I gambled and it has all
gone. Before I kicked out the stool I was stepping on ready for my death, Chege came running he hurriedly cut
the rope and said to me he knew I had lost a bet because we were all addicts only that he won frequently.

Chege told me that he had visited Kiwanga Doctors and since when whenever he places his bets he never
loses even if his eyes are closed when staking. I visited Kiwanga doctors at their offices in Kericho County and I was guaranteed all my money will return.

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A week later I placed a bet with 10000 and luckily won one million shillings. Kiwanga Doctors were the real deal in gambling issues. I went to bring my wife back from where I had sold her and this time round I was the buyer. What surprised me is that she was pregnant. But I did not mind that much because I was a millionaire courtesy of Kiwanga Doctors.

I resigned and opened a big green grocery by the town. I advise anyone with a lack of lottery winning problems and would wish to end it off to visit Kiwanga doctors for assistance as they are the new bosses to solve those issues. Kiwanga doctors also help in treating and healing various diseases including hardships in business amongst
others. They also solve various spells in the world such as Money spells, Love spells, Success spells, lost love spells, and many others in just three days.

They solve a range of life problems starting from family life problems like domestic violence, jealousy among relatives, casting out demonic spirits, and more others.

He also treats ulcers, TB, syphilis, manhood weaknesses among other things just within 24hours.

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