I have been dating a guy and recently I found out he’s not single

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I live in Nyayo Estate. Recently I met a guy when I was on the playground with my kids. He was there with his kids, our kids were playing together and me, and him were talking. He seemed nice and I thought he was very attractive. A few weeks later we matched on Tinder.

His profile said he’s single. He told me he lives alone and he’s not together with his ex. He was so gentle, we spent a lot of time together. He got so well along with my kids and wanted to help me with my chores sometimes whenever I was exhausted.

He also stayed around the neighborhood and things seemed to be perfect with him, until last weekend when he came over to my house.

I was wearing red lipstick. We went to shower together after sex and he told me to check if he has lipstick stains on him. I asked him why, and he confessed he had a wife but he is so in love with me and is willing to do everything for me and my kids.

My girlfriends ask how I manage to drive a married man this crazy. They have no clue it is Kiwanga Doctors love portions.

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