I had my ex-girlfriend back; we had a good time together before we parted ways

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My name is Anthony from Nairobi. We had been in love with a certain lady but things went amiss and we parted ways due to trust issues in our relationship. Love and affection had been our motive for a good relationship with her but things never added up. She started having relationships with other men and hence I did not see the need for us living together as lovers, something that really hurt my feelings to a larger extent.

Despite pretending she was so much in love, she secretly had illicit affairs with other men and at some point, I happened to bash her talking on her phone with one of the guys, calling him her love. I did not want to part ways with her. I had seen her as the future love of my life and even after our separation it was really a hard time on my side. However, after a long spell of living a lonely life, I came to a consensus, it was the right thing for both of us to be reunited. I also told myself maybe she had learned from the past experiences this time around.

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I tried so much to ensure we revive our relationship, but actually, nothing was really happening as she was giving me a hard time. She never wanted to give me a green light of when exactly she was to come back to my life. Most of the time she would tell me to wait and ask for enough time to think if she wanted to come back. At some point, I even used close relatives to convince her to come back but they insisted on us not getting back together.

My life was never complete without her. She was such a loving lady, despite her absurd behavior of having some other relationships which led to the two of us partying ways. I happened to share the story with my long-time friend Davy and there he referred me to Dr. Kiwanga, whom he had told me would let my ex-lover come back despite being separated for a long time.

I met Dr. Kiwanga in his offices where he cast his return back lost love spell. He assured me things were going to be back to normal and my lover will look for me. Three days after the visit, my ex-lover called me! She wanted a reunion. The spell was really at work. I once again let her into my life as I had really been in love with her.

Since then we have been living in peace without anything coming in between us. May God bless Dr Kiwanga for his good job. Long live!

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