I had a 90-degree bend on my manhood and could not enjoy sex

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Three years ago, just after I turned 50, I discovered a lump in my penis; hard, painful, and the size of a pear. I went to a doctor who panicked and told me I had cancer. He dispatched me for a next-day hospital appointment where the senior urologist examined me and declared: “That’s not cancer, that’s Peyronie’s.” My first thought was it sounds like beer. And the second, I’m glad it’s not cancer.

Versions of this refrain were recited back to me over the next few months: be grateful it is nothing sinister. But that was not easy the more I found out about my condition. Peyronie disease is a tissue disorder, hard fibrous lumps grow in the penis, causing it to bend or shorten. The cause is rarely clear. I had my suspicions, though. The pills I took for a prostate problem? The invasive cystoscopy from a few weeks back? Rough sex? Genetically predisposition? Experts really talked
about many things which I did not clearly understand what had caused the bend.

Meanwhile, my penis felt weird. It had become my enemy. Each time I had an erection, it hurt. This is the time I discovered how many times men got erections per night. Six to 9 months after, I noticed something was wrong. The pain had reduced, but the lump was still there, and a bend had developed. When erect, my penis had twisted from its previous straight-up bend at 90 degrees. Once I had been diagnosed, a round of scans, tests and examinations began as I was shunted between two hospitals and four consultants.

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There was no guarantee to fix my Peyronie. Over several months, I tried pills and oils, and also vacuum pumped my penis for 30 minutes daily in a plastic cylinder until it ached, hoping to disperse the lump. The diagnosis arrived at a difficult time in my life, during the last months of a long-term relationship. By the time we had separated, my condition was so bad that sex was a proverb to us. Not just because it hurt, but because structurally it was no longer possible.

There followed many months of single Dom, wondering what I was supposed to do to end this. Who could I share the big news with that my penis was so out of shape? It was not something you would wish to announce at a dinner party. So, mostly kept the disorder to me.

I wanted to meet someone new, but what kind of romantic life could I hope for? I know that coupling is not simply about intercourse. But I was not ready for my sex life. At the end of 2014, after months of medication and treatment, with the bend only getting worse, I took my last resort and had a piece of my penis cut out. It was the only method to straighten the curve on my penis.

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But things really did not work. The curve still existed. This time around the penis was
erecting each time. I wore baggy sweat pants for anyone not to see this. I almost sued the hospital for making my disorder worse. I remained indoors because once I walked outside some little kids would point at it saying I was having protruding stuff between my legs. It really hurt me.

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