I got back my lost love after two years of a bitter divorce

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Hello world, am Agnes from Nanyuki. I am a business lady running a shop and several boutiques in town. I am married to Samuel for six years now and in our marriage, we are blessed with two daughters.

In 2019, we had quarrels with my husband after I caught him cheating. He refused to admit and accept his mistake hence I took my children with me back to our home place in Githiga.

However, I used to feel alone and I missed the father of my kids so much. I just wanted him back. Being away from him for such a long time was not a joke for me and our babies.

I started to figure out what I would do to get him back to me. I thought maybe he had forgotten about us and moved on.

I was scrolling through social media one evening when I came across a blog post about Dr. Kiwanga, a traditional healer and medicine man who surely has helped many with a situation like mine.

I contacted him and true to his words, he brought back my lost love to me. That was in 2021, two years after our divorce. My husband called me and we resolved our issues and now we are happy in our marriage, courtesy of Dr. Kiwanga.

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