I found my lost love back after break-up over cheating

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Some people cheat because they are lonely in their relationships. Some people may be feeling undesirable to their spouse, and others may just cheat just because the opportunity is there. Ten years ago my husband and I were in a very bad place. I just got married four months ago and I have been with my husband for seven years before that. We would have divorced even if either one of us had cheated.

Over two months ago, I went out with my friend and cousin to a pub and there, I happened to see a guy from high school, we talked, and then a couple of days I have to say that I was in love with both the other man and my husband. Husband together for seven years and married for three years, for another man.

I finally broke down and told him in November 2019. I have walked away from the pleasure and from my lover with my marriage unsaved. I also had some emotional needs because of something I started. I got divorced because my husband cheated on me more than once. I feel maybe that is the reason I did this. I resented my husband a lot, during this time. I feel broken.

I have left him three times but not longer than two days. I love him with all my heart and miss him terribly. Please don’t tell me how horrible or slutty aim because I know and I hate myself for it.

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January 2020, I was furious that my husband waited so long to leave when he insisted he had been unhappy since day one.

“The affair was also a lesson in making sure you are choosing the right person to marry, for the right reasons. You need to ask yourself why you did that and then it will be down to your husband if he forgives you, ” one of the family relationship experts told me after I had visited him for counseling services. I had visited the expert on grounds that I had got tired of living as a single woman missing the much love I received from my husband the times we were together.

I had reached the endpoint, with a lot of thoughts in my mind of what to do. My age was going, we had one son with my ex-husband. He kept on asking the whereabouts of his father, where he was, and what he was doing. Perhaps he was right, he deserved to know his father and get the parenting and the much-needed father love as a kid, it was his right constitutionally.

My husband had left us on grounds that I was a cheating wife. Sincerely, I didn’t want to cheat on him, and he was a good man. Though I had many doubts about him coming home late, smelling different perfumes on his body. I was thinking he was cheating with other women somewhere that I didn’t know. Was it fantasy? I can’t explain?

I decided to cheat too because at that time I was thinking of revenge, and the only way to revenge on my suspecting cheating husband was to cheat too. If he stayed a minute, I would explain, I was so sorry, but he never gave me the chance to explain myself. He left us hurriedly saying that I was a burden in a relationship we were in.

He was living in the neighboring Estate in Nairobi where would meet most of the time and no one bothered to talk to one another. I felt like I really wanted to talk to him but I couldn’t too, what if he shouted at me in public? I talked to myself silently and just kept it upon me. I asked a friend who was living in the same neighborhood about him, he confirmed to me that he was still single, perhaps he was angry and lost interest in women.

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From that moment I learned that he was not cheating on me. I was just creating unnecessary drama. I decided to send a few letters to him. That I was sorry and needed him back, but all was in vain. I sent family members to try and talk to him that we needed to be back together again as a family, he turned them back.

One day a workmate talked to me about Kiwanga Doctor’s ability to return lost love. I was hopeless but decided to give it a last chance. I visited their website www.kiwangadoctors.com and booked an appointment with them. The following day I met Doctor Kiwanga who asked me a few questions and gave me some herbs.

One day after I had returned home, busy in the house doing my chores I heard a van hooting at my gate, only to check and find it was my husband. He was back to me again he said he was sorry for having left me and he was back to stay forever through thick and thin. Thanks to Kiwanga Doctors.

I advise anyone with lost love and other relationship-related issues to visit Kiwanga Doctors for solutions. They are fast and reliable. They also help in healing and treating various illnesses including Cancer, Pneumonia, and diabetes. They also cast genuine spells in the world including Money spell, Success spell, witchcraft spell among others.

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