I caught my sister with my husband in the bathroom

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How would you feel if you got your real blood sister having sex with your husband? Would you just let it go, forgive both of them, and move on? Will you let your younger sister take away your husband just like that? The answer to most of you would probably be No. perhaps you need to protect and fight for your love, as nothing comes on a silver plate.

My name is Mercy, a middle-aged woman living in Nairobi. I am married to Mr. Johnstone for two good years; he is a good man and God-fearing. For that I really love him and I promised to always keep our love. He too always promised me, to be always by my side.

As we know, women are weak points to every normal man. In the past two weeks, the tables turned when I caught my real blood sister having sex with my husband. It was the most heartbreaking incident that has ever happened in our marriage which had lasted for two years now.

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Despite the fact that women are a weak point to men, I think men too need to control themselves and always have a
second thought before disappointing their wives. And as a woman, never let anything, not even your relative break your love, always fight for it. It was last just last week that campuses closed for the December holidays. It was then that my younger sister who was in campus contacted me and informed me that she would wish to come to stay at my house since she had no interest in traveling to the village.

I accepted her to live with us, as the saying goes, blood is thicker than water. She was my blood sister, I never thought that she would turn against me, and do things I never expected. A friend of mine once asked me why I was not afraid of leaving my sister together with my husband whenever I went to work. I am a police officer and most of the time I’m not at home. I only get to be off work on weekends alone.

On weekdays when at work, I would assign my sister home chores, like preparing food, cleaning, and any other duties that were available. Little did I know I was giving my “fisi” husband a second wife, I trusted her, and I knew she would not dare mess me up with my lover. After a few days of my sister’s arrival, I noticed a weird behavior from my husband, he was never the same.

He never gave me time that he used to give it before my sister joined us. He was hostile to me and he started using abusive language towards me. One of the nights I prepared the table for him but he never turned to eat. He just left without saying a word.

Surprisingly the following morning he told me that he would wish my sister to prepare food for him, that she knew to cook better than me. He would praise food cooked by my sister and talk ill of what I prepared, that is the moment I realized something was fishy.

On Sunday morning I woke up only to find my husband missing in bed. It was not normal, on Sundays he was always the last one to wake up, I thought he was on the balcony exercising.

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I dressed up and went to check on him, only to hear him having sex with my sister in the bathroom. I heard him say “I like your p….y it’s fucking sweet.” I could not believe my ears. I pushed the bathroom door open only to find the two naked, having sex, no one of them got ashamed they continued with their business as tears rolled down my cheeks. They then turned against me and kicked me out of the house. I could not believe my sister turned against me.

I went to my neighbor who informed me of a way to teach my sister a lesson, and she took me to Kiwanga Doctors. I met doctor Kiwanga explained everything and he did cast a spell, he told me to wait for the results, the following morning I got a call from my sister informing me that she was sorry and that she had wounds all over her body, I told her she had to bring my husband back before she heals. She brought my husband back who too apologized and took me back.

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