I caught my hubby having sex with his girlfriend

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We were happily married with Anthony where everything seemed to be going on well in our union. It was nine months since we had officially tied knots in a colorful wedding. He was a very honest man and exhibited high integrity. We owned a retail shop in town and most of the time, he operated it as I was always at home at least doing little tasks as a housewife.

At times, I would accompany my husband to the retail shop maybe to assist him with the daily running of the shop in a swift manner. He was a handsome guy, so it was my duty to protect what belonged to me and to shun away ladies who thought he was still a single man. I did not want a wrangle with these city ladies( slay queens).

As days went by, my husband began changing his ways. A times he did not want me to accompany him to his workplace. When I tried to inquire the reason behind it, he would say that it was nice for me to stay back home to do the house chores, which I was good at, and that he feared some of his clients would develop an interest in me. This was a rogue idea. Me being a cute lady, I would have attracted more male customers thus improving daily sales of our shop.

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I knew well my husband was hiding a dark secret behind the move of restricting me from going to the retail shop. Obviously, he had some side chick and he used the shop as a room to tune ladies. With time, he started the habit of receiving calls from a certain lady he called an ex. Whenever I got suspicious and cautioned him, he would say nothing important was said in the calls with his ex.

One day I wanted to make things clear, so I was through with my house chores by 10 am and left for the retail shop to spend the remainder of the day. However, just three meters from the shop, I realized it had been closed. I decided to move closer and found the door was not compulsively closed, where I pushed it open just a little bit.

I ambushed my husband actually having sex with another woman. I had no words to let him know. He seemed to be on his last shot, he was profusely sweating and panting. When they realized my presence, he shouted at me what I was doing there. I moved near the lady and gave her a series of strokes using my belt. It was quite a dramatic scene, my husband had to separate us.

I later went home, packed all my things, and went to my aunt’s place since I was an orphan.

I had really been heartbroken.

My hubby tried to apologize but I gave him no chances.

After a while, I met my best friend Cate who had a similar experience but she had solved and she was back together with her husband. She told me her solution came when she visited Kiwanga Doctors whom she encouraged me to visit. The next morning we were at Kiwanga Doctors’ offices and after some minutes I was attended to and promised everything was going to be in order.

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Three days after I returned to my aunt’s home, my husband called me and he really wanted me back at our place. He even promised to buy me a car just to seal the deal and show he was going to be honest with me. We went back together as one couple and from that day he has never cheated on me, courtesy of Kiwanga Doctors.
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