How I treated my skin acne problem after ten years

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I have only spoken about this to close friends, but hopefully, by sharing my story others can relate. Puberty was not kind to me. From middle school, throughout high school, and even onto college, I have had incredibly intense acne.

Whatever acne treatment or medication is out there, I have probably done it. I have gone to dermatologists and each has prescribed me an arsenal of topical treatment, birth control, antibiotics, and acutance.

By the way, acutance is a pretty intense drug where you need to be monitored and scheduled monthly blood tests. If you are to be impregnated while on medication, the child would have birth defects.

For a while, my face was covered with painful acne nodules where it looked like bubbles were forming under my skin. In middle school, the reason I cut bangs was to cover my forehead acne, which of course, made it all worse.

At some points, my acne got so bad that my face just looked entirely red. Trying to cover it with makeup just made me break out even more. I had been incredibly insecure about my skin but not anymore.

One day as I was surfing on the internet I came across a website after intensely reading its contents, I learned that they could treat acne. Without hesitation, I booked an appointment with Doctor Kiwanga and met him the following day in the afternoon.

My face looks so spotless today courtesy of Kiwanga Doctors.

The doctors also solve life challenges such as love issues, family problems, and hardships in business. They also increase your luck in winning lottery games, court cases, promotions at work and clear away devilish spirits and dreams.

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