How I reclaimed my grabbed land in Juja

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My name is Tyson Ng’eno from Juja. I am a businessman running a mini supermarket in Nairobi’s lower Kabete area.

I bought a piece of land in Juja back in 2018 after having saved for a year. I got all my documents of proof of ownership, title deed inclusive hence I was sure that I had a land somewhere under my name. However, I did not have money to build any structures on it yet, hence I left it idle for a while as I hustled for the same.

In 2020, I felt that I had saved enough money and that I could start building a house. I was shocked when I got to the piece of land behind JKUAT only to find it fenced with some building materials in the compound and construction had started. It dawned on me that someone had grabbed my land.

I reported to the police and went to court but then it was all in vain. The guy was rich and hence he easily bribed court officials and the lands office. It was presumed that the land was his and that I wanted to steal it.

I was worried about what to do. However, I recalled having read an online blog about Dr. Kiwanga, a professional traditional doctor and medicine man who would help.

I contacted him and explained to him all that had happened. He surely helped me in his own ways and a week after the visit, the guy who had grabbed my land was arrested for having grabbed another piece of property within Juja and I was to be witness that he had grabbed mine as well.

Through the help of Kiwanga doctors, he was exposed and jailed for 30years.

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