How I landed a multinational job after graduation

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My name is James Isaac from Nakuru town and a graduate of Kenyatta University.

I was raised by my parents who were not rich and I had to work hard in school to kill poverty back home.

Upon graduation at KU I was hopeless as I found no job despite desire to help my family.

I became a laughing stock from schoolmates who had got a good job and some even married.

They would mock me and said bad things about my family.

I was sad and hated life and at some point wished death, but memories of my family could allow me to give up.

I tried to do a lot of things to change the situation at home and sent numerous job applications without no success. I not did give up.

One day a friend of mine told me about Dr. Kiwanga who could make my life smooth and sweet.

I was given his number and contacted him and my lucky stars were revived.

Within two days ,I got a call from one of the most prominent multinational companies in Kenya and they offered me a good job as secretary to their council.

Things are different now, I do not regret the move.

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