How I got back my money 200,000K after an online fraud

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It was just a few months down the line when I was doing my usual research online. I used to do online writing for a living and on a certain website, I met Moses who had introduced himself as a real estate investor, and at that particular time he was selling a certain property he owns, and I was interested in purchasing it. I went to the point of calling him where we agreed on the prices and which place we were to meet for more clarifications and detailed information of the property he was selling at that time.

We agreed to meet in one of the Nairobi hotels just in the CBD. We needed some privacy and ample time to discuss this new thing I was about to purchase. We had a good time as Moses went to the point of buying the foodstuffs and refreshments during our meet-up. He told me he was to have a job transfer to Dubai and that was why he wanted to sell his residence or rent it out at a cheaper price.

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I saw this as a lifetime opportunity since, with such a price, I was to be a landlord of my own. This was to be the end of my long spell paying rent. He asked me if I could send him the money via mobile and so I did it without hesitating because I already had the cash in my M-PESA. He was in a rush and insisted he wanted to work on some important documents for the complete granting of the house ownership to me.

He looked like a really busy person and after sending him the cash he told me to accompany him to his work offices, which I did not refuse since I wanted the deal done that day. He took me into a room where three men came and they were speaking some language I did not understand at all. After some time, I realized Moses had gone a long time ago and my money was gone just within minutes. His mobile number was off. He had definitely blacklisted me.

I did not know what to do, and following up with Safaricom looked like a very long route.

I got Dr. Kiwanga contacts through my long-time friend where I made arrangements of contacting him without
wasting time. I met Dr. Kiwanga who cast the theft spell on me. After a week, Moses called me while panting that he was unable to sleep since the money he stole from me was talking to him.

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We finally met with him, where he gave me back my money. He added extra 40,000 shillings to cast out the nightmares from him. Long live Dr. Kiwanga. Dr. Kiwanga spell casting powers work within 24 hours, and usually, within the same day, they are released. He also handles general life problems ranging from winning court cases, winning lottery games, family problems, and foretelling of your future.

Do not hesitate to contact him in case you find yourselves in such problems.

Call/ Whatsapp on +254769404965 or visit, Email: [email protected]

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