How I got back my luck, each time things were going amiss

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My name is Joy from Nairobi. I wondered what was really wrong with my life at some point. It was my dream to be a top business lady but the way things were going gave me a lot of goosebumps. I had been trying a series of businesses to make ends meet but things were not actually going my way. The beauty shop that I first had collapsed just after one week of operation.

I did not lose hope and opened a small shop to sell chips, which really gave me some sign of hope since the first three weeks the business was so much yielding a lot of profits. However, with time, the business also went under and I did not hesitate to close it since there was no need of having a non-profit bringing entity at any particular time. This had me lose hope in even starting another venture since my first two had given me the true colors of what business life meant to me.

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This time around I had decided to open a greengrocery store, with the aim of at least recovering from the former businesses which had given me much loss. This was not different from the others as it rarely attracted any customers at any given time. My close friend had given me some hope of going on with the grocery business since he had a similar one, which was yielding a lot of money. I never gave up that soon.

After a month of operating the greengrocery, I was really not getting enough money. The little profit I was getting I was only using it to pay my store’s rent and I never enjoyed at any particular time. This gave me a good reason to close down the business. I really did not have any luck to run this entity. I looked confused and foolish whenever a day would end without having made any substantial amount of money.

Through Dr. Kiwanga who I was directed to by my friend, my business was now having lots of profit since after giving me good luck charms which have boosted the rate at which customers are flocking my business. Since then, my business life has changed to a large extent. As am testifying now I have a similar business just because the luck spells gave me the answer to my wavering business. Long live Dr. Kiwanga.

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