Hard to believe I have the man of my dreams now

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Im 21 now, from Lamu, and am very aware this can sound dumb and maybe arrogant, but that’s not my intention. It is too much to write down my whole story, but when growing up I was depressed and super insecure.

I was bullied in middle school and tried to find solace in my ‘friend’, who I learned later turned out to be a narcissist. I didn’t know any better at that time because I had no standards of real love or real respect around me. Needless to say, it took years to acknowledge everything, heal, and grow healthy emotionally.
It has been and still is a work, but I am so super proud of my own progress.

I am at a point where I can firmly say that I do not merely accept myself, I love this girl and I promise her I will take care of her no matter what. I love myself, and I no longer need external validation from people to prove that I am worth something. Now I do the things I dreamed of as a teenager, with confidence: such as going to parties by myself and approaching people first.

However.. sometimes I’m a bit alone though. I have quite a lot of friends who I hang out with, do fun stuff with, and talk with, but they’re all female and they are great. But now that I feel like I am maturing, becoming older, better and wiser, I start to notice that there are very few guys who see me, pay attention to me, or make an effort to get to know me.

They’re not jerks like they used to be before when I was depressed, but I notice that, compared to other girls my age, I get relatively little attention from men. They don’t look at me like they do at other girls when I am with them.

No guy has ever approached me and asked me out, until earlier this month after visiting Kiwanga Doctors’ website while browsing an online blog. We are on our third date and he plans to meet my parents in December. Thank you Kiwanga Doctors.

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