DCI Questions 22 Officers Over Leaked Confidential Security Information to Raila

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On Tuesday, a day after the Azimio protests in Nairobi, some 22 police officers were questioned at the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) headquarters along Kiambu Road, over the breach of confidential security operation information, which DCI believes, Azimio leader Raila Odinga receives in real-time.

According to reports, the senior officers mainly from Central, Western, and Eastern regions were pressed to explain how Mr. Odinga was able to outsmart the police and tap into their communication system on Monday.

“Our officers were called in for questioning to establish how the Azimio leadership were up to speed with the government’s plans. Are we supposed to talk to only those in government?” asked one officer.

A video of Raila Odinga’s security went viral after they were captured using police intercom devices during the Azimio protests on Monday, March 27.

The video was first posted online by Raila’s aide, Prof Makau Mutua, who rode alongside the ODM boss in the car.

The video showed how the security team shared information on the state of the road and police barricades in Nairobi. DCI believes Mr. Odinga’s security team is able to tap into police communication and is working with sympathetic officers inside the country’s security apparatus to outwit them.

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